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Mesa Baptist Church

service time:  9:30 AM

office hours:  Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

2425 S. Alma School Road, Mesa, AZ  85210  480.897.2036

We exist to make, mature and multiply disciples for our Lord Jesus to the glory of God.

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Welcome to Mesa Baptist Church’s website!  

We strive to be a visible community of Christ-like relationships that prays for each other, serves each other and cares for each other, while building bridges between our family and the community around us.  

As you roam around our website, you’ll learn all about the ministries and activities that we offer.  We hope you will choose to join us on a Sunday or throughout the week!
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Sunday Mornings at 9:30 AM

With a style that is to-the-point, easy to understand, and proverb-like, the Book of James confronts the conflict of words and actions head-on.  It is not enough to talk the Christian faith, he says, "We must live it."  In other words, we must... "Walk the talk!"  The proof of the reality of our faith in Christ is a changed life marked by godly actions and service. Genuine faith in Christ will inevitably produce good deeds!  This is the central theme of James' letter.
James will give us straight talk for the journey of life.  Practical and easy to understand, his advice is on what it means to live the Christ-honoring, Christian life.
Five big themes are taught in James:
          1. Living Vital Faith
          2. Enduring and Overcoming Trials
          3. Real Love God's Way
          4. Wise Speech and the Power of Words
          5. Wealth and Godly Stewardship
Pastor Mark

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Sunday evenings at 6 PM beginning Sept. 14th